Although she stepped away from her day-to-day activities in 2012, Matt’s wife Laurie still heads charitable giving and community outreach for the company. Laurie started the charity "Rescue Dogs Rock!" in 2011 after the death of her beloved Chihuahua, Piper.

Laurie Qualey

Master of Social Work Program, University of Maine

After many years away from school I have returned to get my Masters in Social Work from the University of Maine. While pursing my masters, I am also doing additional course work to become certified in the Hartford Program in Rural Gerontological Social Work and the Program in Leadership in Rural Gerontological Practice. My focus is community organizing and macro practice, and I hope to create a career combining my dual passions for helping people and animals after I graduate in August 2017.

I graduated from Harvard University in 1996 with a degree in Biological Anthropology and also received my Massachusetts Teaching Certification through the UTEP program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education at that time. I worked as both a private tutor and tutor for the Bangor School system before starting Qualey Granite & Quartz with my husband in 2003.


Our handsome greyhound is done with racing and now spends his days greeting new friends at the Maine Stone Design Center!

Likes: All people but especially his dad
Dislikes: The sound of a ringing phone (um, we're not sure why either...)
Adopted from: Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption


This lovely 12-year old lady loves ruling over the Qualey household from her spot on the couch and snuggling with her mommy.

Likes: Getting kisses
Dislikes: Dogs


Our super-senior chihuahua is 14 years old! Adopted from the Bangor Humane Society at age 11, he's not exactly the friendliest of guys, but his bark is definitely worse than his bite because he only has 3 teeth!

Likes: Mommy
Dislikes: Everyone else!
Adopted from: The Bangor Humane Society


This mystery breed doggy loves people and loves to have fun! He may not be the smartest doggy, but he is probably the happiest!

Likes: People, being held
Dislikes: Leaves (they are his mortal enemies!)
Adopted from: Kennebec Valley Humane Society

Gaius a.k.a. GWhizz

Tiny, ferocious, and not overly friendly...little Gaius is a bit of a problem child...but we love him anyway!

Likes: Peanut Butter
Dislikes: Not getting his way
Adopted from: Conway Area Humane Society

Lila Marie

This little naughty girl is always up for an adventure! Together with her partner-in-crime Merle Kitty, she makes sure life at the Qualey house is never boring!

Likes: Stealing food
Dislikes: Rules
Adopted from: The Bangor Humane Society

Merle Kitty

From a sickly little foster kitten to the huge healthy fluff ball he's become, no day is complete without some rough and tumble wrestling with his BFF Lila Marie!

Likes: Dogs!
Dislikes: Bugs (but does like to catch and eat them!)
Adopted from: The Bangor Humane Society