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    Stop into our showroom and let us help you design the perfect kitchen. We are proud to offer kitchen cabinetry from Ultracraft, Fieldstone, and Mid Continent. We feel these three manufacturers offer quality, design, and customization options for all project sizes and budgets. We also have the largest indoor showroom with slabs of granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone, and quartz for you to complete your design package. From selection, to templating, to installations, the relationship you build with us is more than surface deep. We’re your creative partners and an ever-changing resource for incredible surfaces backed by an unexpected dedication to quality.
    And we think that’s a very solid reason for being.


    An igneous stone, granite originates as magma deep below the surface of the earth. When this molten material starts to



    Luxurious and elegant, marble is composed of pure calcium carbonate that’s been metamorphosed into limestone by high temperatures and incredible



    Quartzite, not to be confused with quartz stone surfaces, is naturally occurring and formed when sandstone meets extreme heat and



    Many of us are familar with soapstone tabletops from science class and remember the characteristic “soapy” feel. Soapstone’s primary mineral



    Engineered Stone (Quartz) is a composite material made of crushed quartz bound together by an adhesive.

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